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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scentsy Party fundraiser

Hi everyone!!! I wanted to post and let you know I am hostessing a Scentsy party for my friend Heather who sells Scentsy candles. I seriously LOVE this super low maintenance and adorable wick-less candle system, especially having my kiddos keeping me busy! I used to burn candles, and was finding it increasingly difficult to remember to light them or blow them out, seeing as how I am chasing my 4 and 2 year old all day!

Their process is simple. You choose one of many decorative burners, and you are SET forever, only needing to buy wax cubes! They are little ceramic 'jars' that have a 25watt light bulb inside. They have a matching ceramic tray that rests on the top of the jar which is where you put the special Scentsy wax cubes. They melt the wax at a temperature that won't burn you (or your kids)! They burn time for the wax is approx 80hours. With mine, I leave it on 24/7 and I dump out the melted wax and replace it with 2 wax cubes every weekend, adding one extra cube mid-week to refresh the smell! I love Scentsy because it allows me to change my mind weekly about what scent I want to burn without having to spend a fortune on new candles! I have burners that match my living room, bedroom and upstairs bathroom! They even have adorable little plug in burners for those high bathroom outlets!

I am so glad I am doing it this week! EVERYTHING in the shop is 10% off for a limited time only, so go into the site, click on 'Place an Order' and choose my name as your lovely hostess! You can have it shipped directly to you (or choose for it to ship to me if you don't want it to sit on your porch and I'll bring it to you) and can pay right on the site! I suggest buying BARS (6 cubes) for scents, that way you can get more scents and find out which ones are your favorite! The BRICKS are equivalent to 6 BARS. Some of my favorite scents are Lemon Lavender, Camu Camu, Cashmere, Irresistible, French Kiss and Mediterranean Spa!

Here is the link! ......Party closes August 15 and orders will ship soon after!

Thanks a ton!!!!!

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