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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to the hospital

So as I posted yesterday, Gabriella was diagnosed with Pnemonia. I also mentioned her eating issues and severe weight loss. These last 2 days have proven to us that she is not going to improve. Today she has not eaten more than a half piece of sausage and has thrown up any other attempts at eating we could convince her to eat. She looks at food with sheer disgust, and is now not even drinking much. I can't even get her antibiotic in for her pnemonia. She has been so lethargic today we decided it couldn't last much longer this way at home.

We spoke with her Ped and cardiologists and decided the quicker we could get her treated the better. Not eating and drinking is going to hurt her tenfold what it would a healthy child. And not treating this pnemonia could be detrimental to her condition. Since her Ped has no priviledges at PCH to directly admit her, we had to decide to either wait in the ER for PCH or go to another hospital. Of course PCH was ideal because they have her history, but because of the need to keep her out of cootie zones, we decided Cardon Childrens was best for this trip.

We are sitting now in her room at a 9 day old hospital. (Later I can rave about how this place is like a resort.) Just to make me look like a hypocondriac, Gabriella managed to walk down to the galley, grab snacks, eat a bow of cereal and drink some milk. Go figure. The doctor came in and we went over Gabriellas history. They will start IV fluids for hydration, swab her for flu, do another Xray and start IV antibiotics to fight this pnemonia. I'm praying a NG tube is not part of the plan, but if we can't get her to keep down food I see it being a strong and quick possibility acutely.

So basically, we are here because she is dehydrated, malnourished and has pnemonia. I'm hoping we can get her to a better spot physically and be home by the weekend. Poor kid needs a break, and I am hopeful it will happen soon.
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