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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Memories... All alone in the moonlight

A gentle and loving friend of mine posted tonight about her precious Sugar Bear, same age as Gabriella, and how she is in dance class this fall. (cute as a button, if you ask me!) I loved looking at the pics of this 4 year old beauty, who radiates sunshine from her every pore. I personally think preschool age dancers are the cutest things on the planet, anyways.

But, it had me instantly in emotional ruins as I thought about how Gabriella would be 2 months into this session of dance. How gorgeous she was as a dancer. How much she loves dancing. How amazing she did at her recital in June. How she was SO chatty with other little girls in her class and would tell stories or show off new earrings. I typically haven't been the kind to get instant envy or selfishly emotional when others sweetie pies start a new activity, achieve something age appropriate or have a 'minor' illness to contend with, because I think it is ALL important and we are all given our own path AND pace at life. Lack of sleep might contribute to my ease of emotions.

On that note, and to attempt to theraputically relieve my crushed heart over my dancer missing out this year, as well as introduce a different part of Gabriella to all the newest readers, here is my recital post from June 8: TINY DANCER She was so amazing, and to me was the only one on stage! Conveniently, she danced to Memories from Cats.

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Corey~living and loving said...

I am deeply moved by our transparency. Owning out feelings are so very important in life, and so few are able to do it.
I am so very sorry that my photos set you on a path of sadness, and I am not apologizing because I feel that you think I did something wrong, because I know that is not the case. I am just so very sorry that this is your reality. I am so sorry that there is no way I can take this hurt away. I am so sorry that the best I can do is pray, and send hopeful thoughts for a dancing Gabriella again some day.

Much love to you! ♥