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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday to Gabriella

Oh, my dear Gabriella. How you have grown.....

So tiny, so fair. January 14, 2005 you blessed our lives and the lives of so many. We had no clue when you came into the world that morning what a difficult journey you would live so young, and what an impact you would make on so many people.

From early on, you have always been so observant and so intelligent. You absorbed your surroundings, paid mind to the small details and observed to learn. You were my little doll and my best friend.

Your independence and spunk have been your well known traits! Strong minded and diva-ish, if you will. But the sweet and loving, super sensitive side you is never far from the surface.

As you grow and mature, I am overwhelmed with pride. You are becoming an even more amazing little girl. Even when you test your limits, I wouldn't change that for the world. You will succeed and shine bright because you make yourself known.

You have endured and prevailed through so many things in your 4th year of life. Things most people will never have to face. You are my hero. You are a hero to many.


Though your words are few, your life speaks volumes. Yes, you made me a mother and have blessed my life, but you have also changed me. I could never return the blessing to you that you have been to me.


I love you, my 'Princess'. My 'MommaGirl'. My 'Little'. Your 5th birthday is a blessed one, and one I will cherish forever.

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