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Monday, February 8, 2010

Gabriella is CLEAR for listing!

The neurologist just called me after a long, stressful weekend of waiting! He admitted he forgot she had her MRI Friday and apologized for not getting me the report the same day (like originally planned). Regardless of the waiting and issues I had getting that call back from him......


PRAISE GOD! Her scan looked great! The area has 'recannulaized'. He said the blood flow has been restored to the area and the clot is gone! The damage done to the surrounding areas is irreversible but to know the cause of the issue is completely gone is TOTALLY God! And to know she is safe for bypass and transplant is invaluable news! Gabriella is most excited that her Lovenox shots are all done and she only has to chew a baby aspirin!

I barely had the call disconnected before I dialed Loma Linda. I am waiting now to hear back from them if we can go this Thursday to clinic and get her listed then or if we are too late for this week and have to go next Thursday. They will evaluate her and get her listed! EEEK!

Thank you to everyone, who from September 25th until today had their prayers on Gabriella. Those deep and heartfelt cries to God to take the clot and destroy it worked! And to know that those prayers will now be on her new heart and the surgery it entails makes me so excited to see God work again in that area!
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