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Monday, February 1, 2010

It was inevitable...

We have been so lucky with Gabriella's health. Well, lucky isn't quite the right word. Moreso we have been given mercy. God has truly protected Gabriella over the past nearly 11 months since we first discovered there was something wrong. Her ECHO's have been stable, remaining comparable to the one prior since last summer. All the way up until January when she had her last one.

This morning we went to our monthly (very early) cardiology visit. They did her EKG and ECHO like normal. Dr. Alhadheri came in like usual to talk with us. He said Gabriella's 24 hour montitor she wore last month came back stable, and showed no real issues to worry about. He complimented her weight gain, which at 45" tall she is now 43lbs! Dr. A, with urgency and concern, said he doesn't want to drag any more heels. I discussed my fears over the urgency, or lack of, on the end of neurology. He ensured he would do his part in keeping up on this all. He even said he would call Gabriella's neurologist today and remind him of the critical nature of the MRI results and status for listing. He also told me to text him Friday after her MRI to let him know it was done so he can persue the results and get them to Loma Linda for us. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this guy? He truly is invested in Gabriella and cares for her so much. Anyways, as his urgency grew, I asked about todays ECHO. Like my blog title says, it was inevitable. I knew we were going to hit a month where the results weren't stable and consistent with the month before. We dodged bullets until we could no more. He said her left atrium is growing. As it grows, it starts disturbing the heart connections all around it, like an electrical system that gets crowded.

What are arrhythmias? Simply, they are like episodes of irregular heart activity. They can cause tiredness, chest pain, dizzyness, fainting... and in her case cardiac arrest. This exact thing is what I have mentioned in the past.... about those stories where young people collapse and die suddenly while playing sports because they were unaware they had a heart condition. You can read more about Arrhythmias here if you want to read in detail: WIKI But if you are anything like me in faith and hope, just rebuke the constant phrase 'sudden death'.

Of course, she could have aquired these episodes long before today, but the growth of her heart only makes the risk that much greater, and enough that our cardiologist is ready right now to get things in order. It is quite possible she may have had some arrhythmia episodes in September that caused her stroke, as I am discovering with research. Time is essential now. No more wasted time, neurologists vacations, delay in testing, etc etc etc.

So what happens now? Thankfully, Gabriella's MRI is this Friday bright and early. Given we can get the results sent to Loma Linda in a quick timeframe, we will head over to Loma Linda next week. They will reevaluate her and relist her. There is nothing standing in our way besides the results from this test. I am ready to be wherever I need to be whenever I need to be there. She just needs this heart. And soon.
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