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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Gabriella is a smart, smart cookie. She was always on her game when it came to speech. As anyone who has ever been on my blog before knows, that was all ripped from her September 25, 2009 when her stroke attacked the very spot in her brain that operate her speech.

She has gotten to the point today, just shy of 5 months later, where she can say approximately 30-40 words and phrases in context and accurately (including Disneyland, which makes me the happiest mommy on earth). I couldn't be more proud of her progress! And to think that when her stroke happened, she had no control to even open her mouth or stick out her tongue! Granted, if she wasn't like me... stubborn and a perfectionist... she'd probably have more. But it'll come.

I had to share a video I shot of her counting to 10 this past weekend. Most of Gabriella's words are crystal clear, but as you can see from the video, the words counting to 10 are not "perfect"... yet. The whole point of therapy is to train her mouth to move in the proper motions to get that sound and word in her head out accurately. The more and more she practices, this counting to 10 will be crystal clear. And she only follows my prompts, not because she doesn't know how to count to 10, but to train and prompt her mouth to move in the right sequence for the word itself.

I'm hoping to post a followup video of her counting to 10 solo and crystal clear soon!
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