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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 20 and 21

Another 2 days have passed. Gabriella and I miss our guys so much. Things just aren't the same without Daddy and PJ!

Saturday, we had fully intended on going to the beach. Well, I fully intended. Gabriella had other plans. She made it a point to tell me of all the things she didn't get to do the day before at Disneyland, so we had to go back. Saturday + Spring Break = insanity, but us being the 'Diva Dream Team' tackled the job. We managed to get Fast Passes for Splash Mountain, then wait 70 minutes in line for the ride, the main thing Gabriella reminded me we had not done yet. After we rode it the first time, we got the all-coveted Disney corn dogs for lunch and went back to ride Splash Mountain again! We then had our ice cream, the 2nd thing Gabriella was insistent on completing for the day. We went to California Adventure to ride Grizzly River and the Fun Wheel before we settled into a spot to watch the Electrical Light parade. Gabriella, who was "not tired" and wanted to stay at Disney, fell asleep on the way back to our hotel.... lol.

Here are some pics from the day! Just click on the icon to view:

Disney 3/20

Sunday we got a bit later start than we had hoped for. We got all ready for the day and headed to the Block, a mall in Orange. We went there to have lunch at a cafe there and walk around a bit. We headed out at about 130p to go to Temecula, CA.

Side tracking.... If you know me or have ever read it on my blog in the past, you know about Joey. My mom remarried when I was 17 to a musician who lived in Arizona that she met on the internet. He is the reason we relocated here from Illinois. He is also the reason I (and many of my friends/family) have a deep and personal relationship with God, the reason that I have my husband, and is also a very solid part of who I am today. He helped change my life for the better, and he passed away in 2003, all too soon, at the young age of 50. He impacted our lives so much that is honored in Gabriella's middle name - Joelle. His family became like my own, and took us in as their own.

.......Temecula, CA. Grandma Evie and Grandpa Joe, Joey's mom and dad, live in a house with Evie's 97 year old mother, great-Grandma Connie. We haven't seen Evie and Joe since they came to visit Gabriella in the hospital post-stroke, and they moved right after from their home in Arizona. And we haven't seen Grandma Connie in.... I don't even remember when! We went out to their vineyard to spend the afternoon and evening with them, and had an excellent time! Gabriella had the best time exploring the flowers and plants on the 7 acre property, seeing so many different things than we see living in the desert! She even saw a road runner, lizards, hummingbirds and horses! She picked flowers and collected sparkly rocks to bring back to the hotel...

Please click on the icon to see pictures from our day in Temecula! Definetly worth checking out!

Temecula 3/21


Comfypjs said...

Looks like so much fun! Again, I have to say that you take awesome photos!

The Simmons Family said...

I love all the pics... it looks like you're having a lot of fun!! When do you get to head home??

kellie said...

I read you were @ Dland and thought to share a little tip. If you go to city hall, and tell them your little one has a heart defect and would like a "Guest Assistance Pass". Tell them she can only stand and sit for so long. This pass will allow her to have special entry on the attractions. No paperwork is required, but we bring our children's paperwork just in case, but they never ask to see it. We have two autistic children who cannot be in crowded areas, or small confined area's (ie, que lines). With these passes we are able to hit all attractions several times a day and without the worries of pushing, shouting and tight spaces. Plus, the child will get to enjoy more park with less energy spent. :)