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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time FLIES....

Today is March 18, 2010. One year ago today we had our very first of what we would later find to be a lifetime of cardiology visits. We had our initial consult with a Cardiologist on March 18, 2009, to find Gabriella had heart abnormalities we never knew existed. It is amazing how this past year seems to have lasted an eternity while also flashing by in the blink of an eye, in perfect sync.

To 'celebrate' this year marker, we have our monthly clinic appointment at Loma Linda! Gabriella and I came over to California yesterday for a long stay. We have limited medical transport available for almost two weeks, so Gabriella and I are staying locally to the hospital in the event the call comes in this time frame. It turns out to be cheaper to stay locally than to pay for some of the flight quotes we have as back up resources, and since it is something we were able to plan for, we decided it was best to go. My insanely talented trip planning skills got us into an extended stay less than an hour from Loma Linda for a smoking deal!

It turns out we have a lot planned! We are meeting up with my best friend from NorCal for the first couple days since they will be in town also, going to visit family a short drive away, meeting new heart friends we have met through this journey, playing at the beach and going to some fun places, and spending some quality mommy daughter time. I started to realize as I planned this trip how little time Gabriella and I get recreationally! Sure, I spend a ton of time just us 2. But it is typically going to doctors, emergency room, therapy, etc. So despite the fact that we will miss Daddy and PJ back home, we are going to make best of the necessary situation! And hope the time that we are gone flies like this past year has!

If I could ask for prayer, I'd ask for you all to pray protection over us on this journey! And also that God fill in our emptiness as we miss our family back home. This is almost a preview of how it will be post transplant as we stay close to the hospital for 4-6 months! And finally, that if God wills Gabriella a heart in this time, that he guide Paul with safe travels making it to us!

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