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Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the edge: Megans Story

Want to hear an amazing story?

I just discovered Megan. She has been struggling with heart issues since March 2002. She was diagnosed with Myocarditis (a virus that attacks the heart) and heart failure.

She lived a semi-normal life (with limited strenuous activity) all the way to November 2009 when she was told she was in heart failure. She is now 22, and has been waiting transplant as a 1B listing since February 4.

This past weekend was seeming like the end of the road. Her father says on Saturday morning at 750am "Megan is again fighting for every breath."
  • 3pm, they had to do an emergency procedure to stop infection and assist her breathing. She was placed on a temporary respirator.
  • 650pm he posted that she was improving with just a little oxygen.
  • 920pm he wrote a cry for prayer that she become better in the event a heart become available.
  • 40 minutes later, Megan's family got the notice that a donor heart for her was matched!!!!!!! Her dad writes: "10:00pm 'PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW'. We went from "Megan is too sick to receive a transplant" to "WE HAVE A HEART" in 12 hours. Only God can work a miracle like this. Thank You Jesus!!!"
God stretched this family to the very edge of their faith, them thinking they were about to loose their daughter. They were in a cold, dark valley... with doctors telling them she was too weak for transplant. But their faith never ceased, and nothing was too big for their God...

I feel like this story is a great way to start the week. I had a talk recently with another heart mom, and we spoke of how quickly you 'grow-up' when you are faced with an instance like ours. And how life just looks different in general. Responses, reactions, opinions.... they all change, and it is nothing I can describe so instead I just try and live my life to be a reflection of it. And I hope through Gabriella's blog, as well as hearing stories like Megan's family and their immense and pure faith, you too can have hope that God always provides and He always comforts, IF you put your heart and life in His hands.

And as always, may I please remind you to pray for the family that DID loose their child, that in turn Megan, and so many others the donor's organs went to, could live. God is provider. And God is comforter. May the family find peace in their incredible gift and choice.

And a news story done:

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Anonymous said...

I will keep her in prayer. I so understand the whole complete turn around on the way you think! It is so true! So happy to hear how great God is and has shown even MORE miracles. :D THANK YOU JESUS!!! :D
Angie's Support Team.