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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sparkly heart day update #1

We got the call at 1055a. I had just finished getting ready to take the kids to run some errands. My phone rang with Loma Linda's ringtone and I knew what it was! Kay told me "we have a heart for this little girl!" And the ball started rolling. I made my phone calls to the jet, some family and got my bags together. Everyone came to help us get PJ, tend to our car and see us off!

Today was day 97 waiting. I have had a rough week emotionally this past week because I saw my time with Gabriella quickly slipping by. Its amazing how different this call was verses the false alarm for us emotionally. It was right. It was Gods plan. Part of my heart is excited and nervous and so focused on God for Gabriellas safekeeping. The other part of me is grieving for the mother and family of the child gone to be with God and who gave such a priceless gift to us.

I'm blogging right now from the plane and will send this on when we land. We will go to the hospital and start the prep process. It will be later this afternoon before the surgery is started. Please keep watching for updates here and on our Twitter all day as we progress through surgery and recovery on Gabriellas 2nd birthday, May 17, 2010.
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