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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sparkly heart update #5

Nothing new yet. Just had to come here and send a general thank you to everyone out there praying and investing time in Gabriella's transplant today. Your prayers have been a blanket of comfort and peace to us as we start a new path in this journey.

Gabriella's surgery will take about 6 hours total. We left her in the hands of amazing surgeons, nurses and medical staff at 730p, and the surgery itself started at 918a. Hopefully, things will wrap up and we can see her at about 130a. They will wheel her by the consultation room we are sitting in and we can see her briefly. It will take about 30-45 minutes to get her stabilized and hooked up to everything in the room. As long as she in on the ventilator, we can only see her for 10 minutes every hour. PLEASE pray that isn't too terribly long, as this momma does NOT like being away from her baby.

We don't know yet where the heart came from, but we know that regardless of the heart's state, age or gender... it came from someones child. I urge you to praise God for Gabriella but also pray for Gods peace for the donor family.

*****Just got another text update: surgery in progress everything ok******
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