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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My donor letter...

I spent some of the day Monday writing the letter to our donor family. I felt it an appropriate day for many reasons. For one, it was Memorial day, a day of remembrance for the bravery and dedication of those who have fought to save our country. Gabriella's donor saved her life. Also, Gabriella was sweetly asleep next to me on the couch, and Paul & PJ were driving in from Arizona, and I was able to sit in quiet reflection of the past 2 weeks. I felt pushed to write everything out I had in my head and heart over the weeks, and turned my notes into a 6 page letter. There is a company called OneLegacy that works in this area as the local Organ Procurement Agency. They have this list of guidelines to follow in order to ensure confidentiality and respectful content. I read the guidelines, then I prayed. I let God guide my words. I write, it's just what I do. I have no problem sitting and spilling my insides onto the keyboard. Of course, most of the time I go back and clean up some things because when I get really emotional I can get messy.... lol. I am going to spend the weekend listening to God and hoping he gives me guidance on the letter. If I need to change anything, or wait for a while to send it, I know he will tell me. Unless something happens otherwise, I will take the letter to our transplant team on Monday.

I am at peace with whatever happens next. If the donor family accepts it and never writes back, if they do write back, or if they never accept the letter from OneLegacy, I'm ok. Whatever happens next in this chapter of transplant, I just need to make sure I do my part in contacting them. Having received a gift of this magnitude, there is no way I could NOT attempt to express my "gratitude" (that is such a minuscule word for this, isn't it?) on behalf of not only us by our family and friends as well. And if we are fortunate enough to find out the name and age of Gabriella's sparkly heart donor, I think it will be a blessing and an honor to pray for that child's family more specifically.


Tasha said...

Beautifully written. I will be praying for you to receive the guidance that you need. May God make it clear what he wants for you to do.

Corey~living and loving said...

It sounds like you are on the right path of no expectations. ♥

Amiee said...

We have chatted before, I am soo very happy that prayers have been answered, and Gabriella is doing so FANTASTIC!

It's with a heavy heart, that I ask you for your prayers for our rockstar Katy! I know you have been to our blog and read Kate's story of life with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. Our cath on Tuesday was not good...her pressures are way too high and we have been passed on to transplant. You and Gabriella are our give us hope in an otherwise gloomy out look!!! Please know that I will continue to pray for your beautiful princess... I have shared Gabriella's story with both family, friends, and our doctors!
Many heart hugs!
Amiee Murphy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you wrote it... I had a heart and double-lung transplant when I was 15 (I'm nearly 20 now) and I too wrote a letter to my donor family. We didn't hear anything until I was almost 17 and we didn't meet until I was actually 17. So be patient. It may take a while for them to heal and be ready to hear where their childs organs went. But I promise you... it's an experience you will never forget when/if they contact you and if you get to meet them... meeting my donor's family changed my life MORE than my transplant... knowing where this teenager was from and what he loved and what he did and his enthusiam for life changed me and my life completely... My donor loved running, in fact, he often ran marathons, and so I've run a couple of marathons now in his honor and to show my donor family that I am taking care of his organs and am keeping them healthy for them, and for their son.

So, once again, I congratulate you for writing this letter, and I pray that the donor family responds - it will change your life and Gabriella's life forever.


Unknown said...

You've been so respectful and full of gratitude for the donor family since the start, since I've followed you. I have so much RESPECT for you.