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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 97

Gabriella was listed on February 11, 2010 for her new heart. On May 17, day 97, we got the call that they had a heart for her.

Today is day 97 WITH her new heart. Time has definitely gone a lot faster in the 97 days post transplant than they did in those unpredictable waiting days.

Ok, so we are back in the hospital, but big deal. We hit the critical 3 month mark without being admitted and I find victory in that. Gabriella is responding to IV treatment well. She received her second dose of Cytogam last night and is due for her third on the 27th. She is receiving Ganciclovir twice a day and the doc said if we can get her CMV levels under control she MAY let her go home on oral Ganciclovir and have us return for outpatient Cytogam infusion on the 27th, 3rd and 10th (approx). We won't know this until Monday or Tuesday though after her next set of labs are drawn.

We both slept hard last night. The first night in the hospital again was hard on both of us. The nurse even commented how we never moved when he came in... Lol.

We have had some friends step up and help hang out with PJ various days for this stay so Paul can come up and see Gabriella. Its been a blessing to see our lives be so blessed even when we are so far from home!

The doctor did tell us that if we control this now it will not affect our estimate of going home mid-September. Leaving will be so bittersweet!

So that's where she stands right now! We are meeting new friends on the floor and making the best of our stay. :)

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Tasha said...

You guys rock...even when you are faced with a hospital stay you find the good in the situation and take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends!

Prayers for a speedy recovery!