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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How I feel about germs...

We will be home this Saturday, the 25th of September!

If you would like to come visit Gabriella, we would love to have you. After all, our family and friends have been one of the biggest reasons we have made it this far in one piece! We just want to verbalize on here a few things that we hate having to ask of people and have noticed we aren't very good at it.

*we are enforcing a strict no shoes policy in the house. Yes, feet are gross... but the grime one can bring in on shoes is even worse.

*we will have strategically placed sanitizer throughout our little apartment, and have 3 sinks. The EASIEST way to prevent the spread of germs is simply by hand washing.

*if you have been sick or around anyone that has in the last SEVEN DAYS we ask that you please wait to visit until you are at least 7 days past exposure. You can carry a virus with no symptoms because your body can fight, but Gabriella's can't. This includes fever, rash, sneezing or coughing, infections, etc.

*we ask the same for even allergies. Sneezing or coughing, even if it is allergies, can still spread dormant germs that you are carrying but not sick with.

*please don't share a drink or food with the kiddos. Not because we are anti-sharing, but because it is a breeding ground for bacteria.

I know we will be visiting other's houses and we cannot be in control of everything. We will come with masks and sanitizer of our own, but please understand if we leave early or keep our distance. The reason for us being so strict within our own house and within the 4 of us is because it is the one place we can strive to keep as her safe haven, especially in the upcoming flu season.

And we are only being overly cautious as winter approaches so we can stay out of the hospital and with our families for the holidays, and protect her precious sparkly heart. Gabriella's risk for pneumonia skyrockets throughout the winter and just a simple cold can turn critical. The winter before her heart and before she was immunosuppressed, she was in the hospital twice for a cold gone bad. We expect that we will have a couple rounds of that this winter but will still do everything possible to prevent her from spending any time in the hospital!!

There has been some question and judgement as to our practices of taking Gabriella out and about. Not that I need to justify or defend what the doctors and I talk about as far as Gabriella's exposure, but because some people do need educated before they pass judgement, I will explain...... Why have we gone to Disneyland or the Aquarium, but express concern over hanging out with someone who is sick? Here is an analogy I compare Gabriella's health to.... driving. You get in the car and use all precautions.... seatbelt, mirrors, sun visor, carseat, airbags. Those are like our Lysol wipes, mask, sanitizer, Germ-X hand wipes and disinfectant spray. You never know what you may run into when you are out there, but you want to be prepared and HAVE to get around! But if someone in front of you slams on their brakes, you react and protect yourself by stopping safely enough back. This is like us not encountering sick people. While it is impossible to keep Gabriella away from every germ out there, we will be cautious when we do go out. If we kept her away from everyone and everything, then what was the purpose of choosing heart transplant for her?? Her new sparkly heart is so she can live a full and quality life, right? But we will not walk consciously and irresponsibly into a situation that is guaranteed to be dangerous for Gabriella, like hanging out with someone dog sick with the flu or cold, regardless of who gets their feelings hurt. Losing Gabriella is not worth making everyone else happy at a gathering.

And on that note, we will call this my one 'I'm a little butthurt' post for the month. :)

Thank you to everyone for your understanding!!!! We love you all and DO also acknowledge the support that we are given!!!
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