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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

God provides....

On November 1, I entered a contest against others to see who could keep on track and loose the most inches over the holiday season. It was a $15 entry fee.... and I had already lost 5inches in the 11 days before the contest started.

Fast forward to last night, were I was ending day 10 of excruciating tooth pain in my lower left wisdom tooth. I could tell it was infected and I was in terrible pain. I called the dentist this morning (which was HUGE because I am deathly afraid of the dentist) and they got me in right away. All I could think about was how I dehydrated yesterday to loose water weight and weigh in today for the contest! I went in where the dentist said my tooth was severely infected and the infection was in my gum and throat. He said he had time in the schedule and wanted to remove all 4 wisdom teeth right away. After learning they do not take payments, I started to realize it was not happening today. I am sure the $6 in my checking account was not enough to cover. The girl came back and said that she would run some tomorrow and the balance in 4 weeks, which was still going to be terribly hard, but doable. So I agreed to the surgery and they got me started within 20 minutes. Full sedation to remove 3 wisdom teeth that had broken through and drill out one that was not out yet but angled into my next tooth, but at least my phobia was put to sleep. I woke up crying and a mess, most likely because I was so scared that I fell asleep in the same manner. The last thing I remembered was telling the nurse about my babies... what a lovely thing to be thinking of as I drifted off.

Paul got me home and headed out for the 'good meds'. The pain was too much to rest, so I managed so sit quietly and get some light things done. When he got home, I was feverishly watching the clock to go in and get measured, despite the dehydration from the day before was ruined due to the IV fluids I was given.

I measured in at 15.75inches down from the start of the contest. The girl who was in the lead thus far had lost 12inches. I left, but was staring at my phone to wait for the results. She calls me and tells me that I won! Another woman measured in at the same loss, but she said it was not important to get the money and she wanted me to have it! Selfless act of kindness to help someone who needs it.... exactly what this time of year is about.

Between my winnings from the contest and a little income I made on the side today, my dental work will be covered! I am blessed. Gods timing is perfect, and the heart of the people who have touched us reflect Gods pure and selfless love.

The cutest thing is how worried about me Gabriella was. She has a heart of compassion after all she has been through. She was "nervous" that her mommy had surgery. How precious.....
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