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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Save the Arizona 98

I don't get political or controversial on my blog because I do have a great respect for individuality and opinion, but this is strongly related to our lives and passion for organ donation.

Recent decisions and cuts in Arizona within the state medical coverage system and transplant coverage have crushed nearly 100 people's future and hope for survival, as well as countless lives in the future. Many people do not know this is happening, so I thought I would share it here. We were very fortunate to have group insurance through my husband's employer, but I could only imagine the despair the people who are covered under state insurance are in knowing they or their children will not be given that chance of life.

Our 'Governor' Jan Brewer implies in the video below that the success rate of transplants, specifically bone marrow, is too low for it to be a covered service. Not only is she ignoring the humanity aspect of this situation, but she has her numbers/"facts" wrong. Let me tell you, it is hard enough to have the doctors tell you that you might die waiting for your organ, or that your lifespan post transplant will be short, but to have your insurance decide for you that you will not even be given a chance because those odds are low is a blow as a citizen and human.

I personally like the transplant survivor in this video who said the inmates are treated better than the honest citizens of the state. Unfortunately, that is the direction Arizona is moving. And yet another reason for me to add to my list of why I am sickened by how this state is ran and why I would love to leave.

God be with Jan Brewer. To her this is a population control, financial balance, lower-than-upper-class issue. To the ones left in limbo, this is life or death.

(and may I urge you to follow Bob Aronson on Twitter. He has started this battle to Save the Arizona 98 and I support him all the way!)

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