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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cries of a little girl... Why God?

We have given quite a few updates and prayer praises over the last almost 2 years on our sweet friend, Kate. While she is not a CHD or heart kiddo, she is close to our hearts just the same. We go to church with this precious family, and Gabriella has had a deep and spiritual bond with Kate even long before they met. Kate's story can be found on her Caringbridge site, which I will post below.

Kate had a follow-up scan today to see the status of her brain tumor, to find horrifying news. There are new spots on her brain, and things have gone from calm to critical in one day. Please read her update on February 1 at 5pm

I ask that you be in fervent prayer for Kate McRae and her family as they potentially face more struggles. I can only place this news in proportion to Gabriella, and to hear that she was in heart failure again and faced another heart transplant would absolutely tear me apart. Holly and Aaron, her parents, need all of the strengthening prayers you can send as they push through more trials with their precious princess. And please be in prayer for Kate, who cried "Why daddy, why? Why hasn't Jesus healed me?" this afternoon. May Gods peace and comfort cover this little one who has known more than she should have to.

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Tasha said...

My heart breaks for them. Thank you for sharing her story...I will be following it and praying for their sweet Kate, and for them as parents.