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Sunday, May 15, 2011

You live on, Princess

May 15, 2010, heaven gained an angel. Precious Abbie gained her wings too soon, but not without leaving an unforgettable footprint on our lives. Her heart continues to beat on in Gabriella, and we will never forget.


Summer said...

Beautiful tribute to your donor angel! So happy to hear how well sweet "G" is doing!

Mason's Mommy

Anonymous said...

What a great song. I'm so grateful to Abbie's parents for making such an enormous decision in the midst of their devastation. God bless them and pour out his comfort on them today and every day.

Mama Jones

Kara said...

My heart aches for Abbie's parents and their entire family, and my gratitude will never end. Thank for you the beautiful gift of life that you decided to bless my niece with.