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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another wonderful day

Another ECHO today showed more progress! Every millimeter smaller, every droplet less of leakage and every number change is welcomed by us!

They have stopped Gabriellas IV epinephrine and her r-ATG treatments are complete. Today they stopped her IV Lidocaine, magnesium and sodium fluids... And we are hoping she reacts well! The next step is to stop her IV Milrinone.... But that will come in it's own time. Her r-ATG did it's job, depleting her t-cells, and it was successful in stopping her rejection.

So we have gone our first round of rejection, and it was a severe one! We are ever faithful that this will not happen again, but we will not take for granted the healthy times we have and will always be on guard now that we know she is the kind of kid to quietly fall into full blown rejection.

If we can get her levels right of immunosuppressants, get her magnesium and sodium levels back up to where they should be and continue to see progress, we can get out of here! Last night was night eleven here, which could have been miserable in the old unit but is luxurious and tolerable here at the new tower of the hospital!

Thank you all for prayers up to now, and we ask that you do not stop! We believe in complete healing and restoration, and all God wants is for us to simply ask. Prayers to Him are precious not just for him but also us. God is always near, always listening, and does not need fancy words... Just loving meaningful conversation. How lucky are we to serve such an amazing god....
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