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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cardiac Cath/Biopsy Tomorrow

I realize how bad I have been in neglecting my blog. Im so sorry about that! Lots of busy days have filled our last few weeks!

Tomorrow morning Gabriella will have her cath/biopsy at Phoenix Childrens. This will be the main indicator regarding her recent rejection as to whether we fully battled it or if she still has some low level of rejection lingering. It also will tell us how her pressures are in her heart. In June during her rejection, her heart pressures were more than double what they should have been. Her function will take a while to get back, if it does, to normal... but its vital to that recovery that her pressures be close to normal!

They will put her under and perform the procedure, then we will spend the whole day laying low as she recovers the procedure and allows the site to clot. Its a long day for her and we will have PJ with us to boot....

I'll post tomorrow how she does and hopefully a big fat ZERO rejection report by Wednesday. :)

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