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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smooth Sailing

My posts are few and far between, but I'd rather have it that way than posting about complications! Our family dynamic has changed, life evolves rapidly, and time is well spent these days so updating the blog has taken a back seat but not forgotten!! I have also been working diligently on converting this blog and all entries from diagnosis until the end of her first year post transplant, into a bound book which has been quite the process. I want her to have in her hands an account of every emotion and detail that I poured into this blog so that she carries her story in its entirety with her forever. I always want her to remember the gift she was given and what it took through her strength, our faith and Abbie's legacy to have. I will post pictures when it is complete!!!!

Gabriella is doing AMAZING! She just started her 2nd year of cheer and was on Honor Roll for the first grading period of 2nd grade. She is maturing so much in her attitude and behaviors that I can really see at times the transition into the next stage of her life. Thank God and thank our sweet Abbie for that gift and privileged, to see her growing into a beautiful young lady!!!!

On Monday, Gabriella had a routine 6 month biopsy to check pressures and rejection. Results are in after a smooth procedure, and Gabriella is doing amazing! Slightly elevated pressures in her heart, but overall she is in amazing health. They gave her a 1r rejection, which compared to a ZERO is the difference between an A and A+. We will take it for sure!!!! Her antibody rejection came back negative and her meds are on target. We couldn't ask for anything better entering into the holiday/cootie season!!!

Hoping this blog finds all of the readers who have stuck around well and puts minds at ease for the people concerned something had happened due to my lack of posting. Thank you so much for keeping Gabriella in your thoughts and prayers!!

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cici said...

SO happy to hear good news.
Give her a big hug from me and thanks for updating us.
There is a hole in the blog world without you, but that is happy comforting news. :)