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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm REALLY liking this

Seriously, why didn't someone tell me to blog before? This is so wonderful. I can just ramble on and on, and it feels so good! Maybe it's cuz I lack true girlfriend time. I don't get to hang with my sister or close friends enough to just sit and talk about junk. I used to sit and talk about the simplest of things before, but once I started gaining more responsibilities in life, there were no more late nights watching Simpsons with BabyO, or sitting around having wine with H....., or chatting all day with Bestie online. This blog (who, for the record, is a wonderful listener) has become a new kind of girlfriend. It's just too bad she doesn't drink Starbucks with me.


Jules said...

Hey girl! I am so excited to see you are blogging! I have enjoyed reading through your entries so far, it sounds like things are pretty crazy in your life lately.

Kristi said...

XOXO Thanks Jules! Yeah, my life is a never ending circus...... but thats for stalking my blog! I'm watching yours too! This is so fantastic!