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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Ramblings, Thursday

I made some headway on my list of never ending messes.

  1. scrub down master bathtub, sink, counter, baseboards, tile
  2. organize master bathroom cabinets
  3. dust master bedroom, clean baseboards,
  4. organize desk area, balance checkbook and pay bills
  5. scrub down microwave, oven and fridge
  6. organize MaggieMoo Designs studio space
  7. straighten pantry and wipe down washer and dryer
  8. dust living room, and sort out toys BabyBoy has grown out of
  9. scrub tub, sink and toilet in the front bathroom
  10. mop tile and clean baseboards in front bathroom
  11. go through all BabyBoy's old clothes and decide what to keep
  12. organize toys and baby items to be sold
  13. organize BabyGirl's closet and purge old clothes we don't plan to keep
  14. clean the ceiling fans and blinds in the whole house

Thank goodness for my Wednesdays off and my son sleeping until 1115am. Among the light housework I did, I also managed to spend some quality time with my babies, chat a bit with Bestie on the net, and spend some time at the most wonderful retail sanctuary, Target. Once a month or so (not planned, it just happens that way) we end up at Target on a Wednesday. Enough so that BabyGirl knows we go directly to the Pizza Hut food area, get a pepperoni pizza to share and chocolate chip cookies to munch on as we shop. I went because we were out of fuel for my son and laundry soap for the mountain of laundry in my house. Buying formula is one of the most miserable things for my to buy, yes, even over gas. If my calculations are correct, it costs me $16.75/gallon to fuel my son. We are getting about 5 days per gallon. ON TOP of the $5 per day on smooshed and processed peas and carrots. I now remember why I breastfed for 7½ months before I dried up and planned on doing it for a year. Damn boobs. Damn formula companies. Damn economy.

As I complain about spending so much on formula, please do not pass judgement for my next statement. Well, pass it, but I won't really care. I bout 2 purses Tuesday night. I went to Ross, on my niece's, Kmo, suggestion, to completely copy her and buy the same Kathy Van Zeeland bag that she has and I attempt to steal on a regular basis. A co-worker of hers saw it there for half the regular price! They didn't have it, but of course had a couple other KVZ bags I loved. I was able to narrow it down to 2 I wanted to get. Same style, but one black and one bronze. I decided the next day (buyers remorse) I should have only bought one. So I'm going to go to another Ross today and see if they have the one I REALLY wanted. If so, I'll buy it and return the black one I got and keep the bronze one. If not, I don't know. Maybe someone will end up with an 'expensive' bag as a gift.

It wasn't a completely pointless trip though! I was able to get Hubby an entirely new work outfit to keep up his 'professional' look for $20, Hagaar pants and a nice woven button up shirt. I got BabyBoy 2 jersey top and short sets, one Nike and one Rbk, for only $18 total, Baby Girl a cute church dress ($10) and outfit ($14) to wear to a wedding we are going to this weekend, and me a top ($15, reg $50) to match BabyGirl's for the wedding. I forgot how much I liked Ross.

I watched SYTYCD last night also. Bookmark this people. I predict the bottom 4 to be Twitch, Will, Kourtney and Kerrington. I am so proud of Twitch. I love this show. And I miss watching it with my sister.

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