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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I Wouldn't Give

for a few more hours in the week.....

I look around this house and have no clue what to do with it! If I could just have one extra day, squeezed somewhere maybe between Wednesday and Thursday, where I could have the kids go to a family members house to play so I could scrub this house down. I don't mind cleaning, it is truly just the aspect of time holding me back.
  1. scrub down master bathtub, sink, counter, baseboards, tile
  2. organize master bathroom cabinets
  3. dust master bedroom, clean baseboards, vacuum
  4. organize desk area, balance checkbook and pay bills
  5. scrub down microwave, oven and fridge
  6. clean kitchen counter tops and fronts of the appliances
  7. mop tile in kitchen and dining room
  8. organize MaggieMoo Designs studio space
  9. straighten pantry and wipe down washer and dryer
  10. dust living room, vacuum and sort out toys BabyBoy has grown out of
  11. scrub tub, sink and toilet in the front bathroom
  12. mop tile and clean baseboards in front bathroom
  13. vacuum BabyBoy's room and organize the clutter
  14. go through all BabyBoy's old clothes and decide what to keep
  15. organize toys and baby items to be sold
  16. straighten BabyGirl's room and vacuum
  17. organize closet and purge old clothes we don't plan to keep
  18. clean the ceiling fans and blinds in the whole house

Oh the list continues on with things that need fixed, kept up on, etc. But hopefully I can start tackling this soon. And, by the time I hit number 18, item 1 will need to be tended to again. The joys of being a working mother. I wish we were paid to stay home and raise children and tend home. According to this site, a SAHM in my area with 2 kids should make on average $115,917, and a WOHM should make $67,885 just for being a mom. I don't completely understand why it is half for a WOHM though. Sure, we don't spend as many hours focusing on certain responsibilities, but miraculously the same amount of work and the same tasks are accomplished. But whatever. We are all the best moms for our own kids.

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