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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valuing Life

Needless to say I have had my fair shares of 'reminders' on how short life is, how lucky I am to be healthy and have children, fortunate I am to have what I have, and cherished enough to have people in my life who love me for who I am. But no matter what people have around them or the reminders they have been given, I think it is SO easily to still take life and all the things it entails for granted.

Now that I am 26 (whoooooo, 26, SO old, right?! No.) I am starting to see things happen around me that are just not fair, but could just as easily happen to me. I know of a man through reading another WAHM's blog who went into Cardiac Arrest at 26 years old, and thankfully survived. I have kept up on a blog of a man who lost his wife post-childbirth and feel I am living his journey of loneliness as a man, but joy as a father. I have heard stories of women my age and maybe a slight bit older getting ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Really, aren't all of these things the types of things our grand-parents didn't start to see happen to people their age until they were in their retirement years? Cancer and cardiac arrest is for unhealthy and more aged people, right? People loose spouses as they grow very old and weak, right? Well, that's the naive point of view I had on things. Before.

Right now, my heart is feeling like it is tied up in rubber bands for 2 friends. One friend who is only 6 weeks younger than me and has 2 gorgeous little girls. She is having surgery to remove a/some very painful lumps in her breast and have it tested for cancer. The other who is just a few years older than I and has 2 of the cutest little Irish boys. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer is is now preparing to begin treatment. She has 3 lumps, one being on the lymph node under her arm.

I don't quite understand why this is happening to them, but I know it isn't intended to be understood. But for some reason, these things are happening to young mothers, young wives, young friends. Young. The hardest thing is all you can really do is offer prayer, support and encouragement. I wish so badly there was more one could do when they see someone else hurting so bad. The feelings of helplessness are deep. Especially in these instances where so much literal distance prevents from just stopping by with a hug and a warm meal.

My prayers are going to be with both of these friends. I have faith those prayers can reach across miles and oceans, and have hope that my support can reach the same.


Laura said...

Kristi, how did I not know you had a blog? I've read through some of your posts and I'm totally blessed, touched, and inspired. Can't wait to read more!

I'm joining with you in prayer for our two mutual friends...

Also, wanted to let you know that I got the sweetest compliment from an older lady on my MMD nursing cover while we were on vacation! I used it everywhere. :)

Laura said...

And crap, I just realized I used your name in that last comment. Right after the place where you say not to use real names. Great. Sorry about that! Argh!

Corey~living and loving said...

I am with you on this. all scares me. I am so blessed....and hope and pray it stays that way.

hugs to you my friend!