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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have been semi blog-less

What a week (or 2)... whew. So many emotions, so little time.

2 Friday's ago, BabyBoy started low grade fevers during the day. By weekend he was gnawing on his hands like nuts and whining! I thought it was teeth and toddler whining. Well, by Tuesday his whining got uncontrollable, and finger biting got worse. Wednesday I took him into the doctor and turned out he had double ear infection and swollen tonsils. Poor kid! So we got oral antibiotic and was sent on our way. Thursday, I got a call from the sitter saying BabyBoy was very warm and miserable, so I went to get him. His fevers were hitting 103.5+ that night. Friday I took him back to the sitter because he woke up ok, and by noon he was up to 103.8. I left work early again to pick him up and took him to Urgent Care. His ears were clearing, but his throat had developed puss pockets. They did a finger prick CBC and he tested with high white blood cells, and showed he had a bacterial AND viral infection. He got a Rocefin antibiotic shot and they sent us home. Overnight, he spiked a 104.8 fever and it was UNBREAKABLE! Saturday we went to the lab for a blood workup, then back to Urgent care where he got his 2nd Rocefin shot. Saturday night he didn't have any fevers, but it was our worst night yet. His nasal passages deep within were swollen, and every time he took in a breath, he would snort and scream in pain (he had tonsillitis caused by whatever viral he had)! Sunday he did a ton better, and the Doc called me from UC to tell me his blood panel confirmed he had both a viral and bacterial infection, and that he tested high for inflammation, which probably had to do with his throat.

BabyBoy is getting back to himself now. We went for a follow-up yesterday and things are looking up. His virus has cleared out, but the doctor wants to do a follow-up CBC in 2 weeks to make sure he doesn't have a bacteria still growing in him since we never pinpointed what it originally was. I HATE having them poke him so much, but I do want him to be healthy!

In other news, I am going to lightly blog about something that is really starting to affect me in more ways than just anger. Someone I love is in pain. Miserable. She is living in a situation that is unhealthy, and in turn it is infecting her life. It is spilling out into her relationships and everything is getting worse. She knows what she needs to do, but I fear she is too afraid to do it and never will. The price she is paying to dispose of her happiness is high. This is one of those situations what will only get worse before it gets better. She needs to do what she needs to do, exterminate her problem, and open up the doors to herself again, because that person is so lost inside a trap I hardly see her anymore. She doesn't interact with friends, she is forced to be cut off from her family, and she is walking around the city with a fake smile to provide an oasis to others that everything is dandy. I don't know how much longer I can take watching this. It is starting to affect the way I interact with this person. I am starting to feel like I am not doing my job of being there for that person because I have so many strong feelings about a resolution, I cannot have many comforting words for the present. How do you tell someone 'everything will be ok' when you know the ONLY way it will be ok is in that persons control to start with? I just hope she knows she has so much support and doesn't have to do this alone, and we are all just waiting for her to pull the pin from that grenade so we can shelter her from the explosion.

In other news- nothing new with Hubby's work. I am getting a bit irritated though. I am really getting pushy to get out of this house. If we got out of it right now, and rented a home in town, sure enough we will get the call RIGHT after we sign that new lease. BUT, come January, is there are no progressions with this position, I will be making my decision and running with it. I need to get out of my house. With the economy and the over-inflation aftereffects we are all suffering from in my rural town, my city is the worst place in Arizona to be owning a home right now. My payment to the mortgage company (when they get it, lol) is no more than super high rent. I have no equity in my home, so my huge payment is being thrown down the toilet. Along with that, the gas for the LONG commute (that we used to justify with having a home that was a sheer investment and giving us a $90k return) is killing us. And why waste all that money on gas when we can live within 10 miles from our jobs, not pay a HOA, not pay the insanely expensive private water we have to use out here AND not pay pest control because we won't be living in a rural area with tons of spiders! Plus, I know I can find a home to rent a whole lot cheaper than my mortgage. So I am on a piss-fest when it comes to my home. I still love it, but I feel jailed in it, so will be freeing us from it in one way or another hopefully soon!

In other news, I am down 12lbs today! I think you can finally start to tell..... lol.......

So, my last couple weeks have been uneventful for the most part. Hopefully this weekend Hubby and I can find some way to have a date night. That hasn't happened in months! I really don't remember the last time it was just him and I!


Dahlia said...

I hope your LO is feeling better soon. THat is no fun!

Hopefully you can figure out the job and the house. How stressful!

Laura said...

I'm so glad Baby Boy is feeling a bit better now! Poor little sweetie...

And major congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!!