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Monday, October 20, 2008

Random bloggings for the new week

Hi to all my friends and family. The weather is finally changing (slightly) and my mood seems to be perking up with that! Now if we could just get some overcast and rainy days, I might be the happiest person alive!

I had en Expo this past Saturday for my handcrafted momma and baby items, and it didn't go so well. Not due to my products or prices, but due to the fact that no one showed up! This struggling economy is truly flowing over stronger and stronger into the community. I decided I will do the next 3 shows I have already lined up, and then will probably pour those funds into online advertising until Spring. I seem to keep a consistent sales volume from online, so hopefully I can keep that up through this economic battle! Then hopefully, by spring when Obama is our president ;), people will start trusting the government again and not be so hesitant to shop! Hey AIG, can I borrow some of that free money you were given and used for 2 team-building vacations? Great, thanks.

My 2nd oldest niece turned 18 this weekend. I cannot believe it... Of my 10 nieces and nephews, 3 are now 'adults', 4 are on their way to driving and three more, plus my kids, are going to be starting school in the next few years. I swear, I completely understand it now. My grandparents and parents said we grew too quickly, yet time seemed to stand still for us as kids between birthdays and holidays and school breaks. Now it seems that no matter what I do, time speeds up every day and if you don't take time to enjoy experiences, you will miss them....... Anyways, happy birthday to my sweet and responsible KK. I love you girlie! And CornNut is one lucky guy to have you!

Other not-so-interesting facts....
  • My DLP TV bulb went out 30 days before the 3yr bulb warranty is up. Lucky me!
  • One month from tonight is Twilight night with my sister! DEFINITELY counting the days for that!
  • Christmas shopping has started for me, and I should be done by mid-November for my kids! PERFECT since we need to save the rest of our pennies for Disney in December!
  • Election day is quickly approaching and for that I am PSYCHED!
  • My house is fully stocked with groceries and toiletries. I saved $47 in coupons and $116 in VIP card savings. Yay me!
  • Gas is down to $2.97/gallon by my house. Thank GOODNESS... it definitely helps our daily 60miles (each) commute! But also goes to show it should have never inflated that high to start with. Lets get back to $2.50!!!
  • No more weight lost, but none gained! Working out has been sparse and the last 2 weekends of some yummy drinks at Margaritaville have prevented anymore loss, but hey, you gotta live too right?!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! And to my newest 2 readers, I hope you enjoyed the read! 157 minutes last week was a lot to spend on my little-ole blog! ;) Please just know I am okay with you finding my blog, and have found the positive in it. I honestly and wholeheartedly hope everyone is in good health and happy. I know I am very happy and blessed, so knowing you have read all this about me can hopefully show you that I have grown to be a decent person with a normal and lovely life, fruitful future and fantastic children. I am sure all the 'kids' are so grown up now and not quite kids at all, and you know how to reach me if you would ever like to talk. Please know- I am speaking for me and only me- but I want no more drama or hate. I have put that aside to focus on the joys life has to offer!


Anonymous said...

I think it's great to have so much to be thankful for!! Sorry your expo didn't go so well. I hope things pick up soon.

Your Mom left me a lovely message on my blog- she (and you) are very sweet. I miss you and wish we were in better touch! xxx

Mary Ann said...

Yay that your bulb blew just in time! That's great! I hope buisness picks back up for you soon!

Laura said...

Ok, so my Bloglines account just NOW notified me of your last SIX posts! Argh!

Anyway, so playing catchup now...

Your Disney pictures are so precious! Beautiful kids, and you look SO fantastic!! And it makes me long to go to Disney again.

I'm also living vicariously through you about the NKOTB concert! Totally cool.

And I always enjoy reading about the little things going on in your life too. You can just "hear" the peace and happiness in your words these days, and that's so cool!

April said...

So you and your sister are driving up to Sac to see Twilight w/ me right!?!? XOXO to both of you!