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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things for Thursday

Don't worry, I didn't miss yesterday's post for my NaBloPoMo! I posted one very late Tuesday that I would have posted on Wednesday, but did it early!

To veer away from my passion with the Election, I won't talk about anything political today.... hahaha.

MaggieMoo Designs is doing fantastic! In just a few short days, I got a custom diaper bag order as well as a custom order for 8 gift sets! VERY exciting, and also petrifying! I know I will be super busy once my fabrics come in for everything, and I know (or hope at least) one day I am so busy I need to hire people to help me!

I am on a mad search right now for a petticoat (full slip). We were invited by Hubby's work to go to a silent auction benefit on Saturday that is black tie attire. I had to get a dress on 2 weeks notice and ordered one off eBay from the UK. THANK GOODNESS for loosing weight, because I was able to get a non-plus size dress and it FIT! It really is sad how limited styles are for plus-sized clothing. The only drawback to the dress is it didn't come with any filler underneath, and it lays limp. With the style of the dress, it needs to be fuller! SO we will see how successful I am in finding one!

Otherwise, life is quiet today, although tomorrow might be another story!


Dahlia said...

Try a store that specializes in wedding and/or formalwear. They usually have things like that.

Kristi said...

I wish it were that easy, Noah! I called about 10 bridal shops and formal wear places and none of them had them! SO I bought a slip and tulle and will be making my own tonight!