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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Downright terrible horrible no-good very bad year

Dear 2009,

Please come promptly. 1201am on January 1 works fine for me, my schedule is wide open. Feel free to leave your disowned 2nd cousin- twice removed, 2008, behind. He is not welcome in my home, life or family.

2009, I ask you to bring us luck of some kind, just not the bad kind. I need a little boost in that department, as everything seems to go opposite of good. Some financial wiggle room would be wonderful. We are willing to work with you, making sacrafices and planning better- in return for freedom. Also, a large dumpster would be great. We are in need of some downsizing when it comes to unhealthy relationships, unnecessary drama and lifes failures.

Look at all you have to look forward to, 2009! President Obama takes office, though slow- an economic upswing, a more earth friendly year, the new Disney movie 'Up', the start of the 3rd season of 'Big Love', and a fresh slate of opportunities. Share the wealth, will ya?

We will do our part '09. Please, do yours!

P, K, G, P

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