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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking for a home

Since we haven't heard anything about the move, I am going to continue moving forward as if we are staying in Arizona. Regardless of where, we are moving, and the thought exhausts me.

I have been hard core searching this week for places to live. We found some places, and looked at 2 yesterday. One was good, except the placement of the house in the cluster of homes was all wrong, and half the home was wasted space with a ginormous loft. The other home was missing a bedroom, but otherwise perfect! Looks like MLS advertising is subjective......

We found the perfect place though. Just perfect. Location was exact for us, layout was amazing, custom paint was our style. There was an open den off the family room, perfect for MaggieMoo and a playroom. The upstairs had all the bedrooms and a loft, plus the laundry upstairs. It was great size, and the price was perfect. AND we would be able to bring our dog! WELL, I told my real estate agent yesterday I felt I needed to look at it immediately. I would almost be tempted to make an offer sight-unseen, just based on the floor plan from Shea homes I got and all the pictures. She told me she didn't have time and wouldn't show it after 5p since it gets dark. I was unsettled by this. Sure enough, in perfect line with everything else I have dealt with this year, she called at 615p and said she got a call from the agent to that home, stating the owners decided to not rent it out. UN-F$&%ING-BELIEVABLE. I was crushed. It was seriously perfect. Story of my life, though, right? And this is why I TOLD hubby I didn't want to start looking until Jan 1 because our luck!

So we are going to look at 4 more tomorrow, January 1. That makes me extremely nervous because I will only have 30 days to secure a place starting tomorrow! Rentals here go quick, so we will see if we can find a good one!


Dahlia said...

I hope you find a place. Finding a good rental is very hard here too.

Nichole said...

Good luck!!! I'll keep fingers crossed for you, I hope your guys find something perfect!