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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Say goodbye to options and variety

So there's this new law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), that our ever so ASSHOLEish president has passed, that could potentially stop my little side-business/ hobby from happening and limit choices parents make for their children. (excuse my anger, but this has rubbed me very wrong and reminded me that the last 8 years have been downright pathetic!). It will prevent parents across the nation from buying and selling their gently used baby items, purchasing unique and handmade toys and clothing and accessories for their kids, or even donating old clothing and baby items to Goodwill- they won't be able to resell them!

This law is 'protecting' our children from Lead and Phthalates. I am a mom, and want the very best and safest items for my kids. But this is excessive, to the -enth degree. There are other ways to go about choosing items for your children such as don't buy things from China, seek out items certified as organic, avoid items containing BPA and buy your own lead testing kit. I don't discredit the need for extended safety, but this law is broad, foggy and lacking specific details. Give parents options, don't take them away!

My only assumption is that the options for items will be smaller due to many companies being wiped off the slate. Instead of having 10 brands of sleepers to choose from when you go to Target, you may only have 2 or 3, depending on what companies survive this new law. Prices are obviously going to go up, to assist large companies in covering some of the testing costs. Thats exactly what America needs, higher prices. Especially the new parents of America, because adjusting to the financial life of children is SO easy. (sense my sarcasm, please)

Chances are, if this law doesn't change, I will be closing my MaggieMoo Designs come February 9th (monumental as my first items went into my shop on February 10, 2008). You will, from February 10th/ National Bankruptcy Day forward, have to be condemned to the life of plain knit, thin burp cloths and rough, corny bibs from WalMart instead of having the option to buy soft and absorbent, handmade with love items from myself and other WAHM's like me. This law will apply to all preexisting inventory, which will cause thousands of companies to simply have to trash their stuff if they cannot afford to test it all.

Items that I have purchased/ love/ support that will be affected? Check them out:

ZadyBall funky and fun toys, made by a mom
MyEmmyBaby custom shirts for the kiddos, made by a mom
Mamas Girls Bows adorable bows, made by a mom
Arden Nichole Boutique super fun tutu's made by a rockin' mama
NikiPetz Crochet Toys yet another momma giving you unique toys
Goodmama half of my cloth diaper stash comes form her
Muttaquin Baby the other half of my stash comes from her

Some blurbs showing how many people this will affect:
Intention isn't everything, and apparently, just slapping a "not for children under 12" tag on your product won't solve the problem.

PRODUCT.--The term “children's product” means a consumer
product designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger. In determining whether a consumer product is primarily intended for a child 12 years of age or younger, the following factors shall be considered:

(A) A statement by a manufacturer about the intended use of such product, including a label on such product if such statement is reasonable.
(B) Whether the product is represented in its packaging, display, promotion, or advertising as appropriate for use by children 12 years of age or younger.
(C) Whether the product is commonly recognized by consumers as being intended for use by a child 12 years of age or younger.
(D) The Age
Determination Guidelines issued by the Commission staff in September 2000, and any successor to such guidelines

All products that are marketed or could be perceived as being marketed to children under 12 years old. This is NOT limited to toys. It includes many items including clothing, jewelry, shoes, books, innerware, hair accessories, sunglasses, furniture, art materials, and musical instruments to name a few.

An easy way to contact the big guys in suits about this? CLICK HERE and it will only take you 30 seconds.


Dahlia said...

While I'm no fan of Bush, you should know that Bobby Rush from Illinois sponsored this act, and he is a Democrat. The act passed both the Democrat majority Senate and House before being signed into law by the president. I think that it just wasn't thought through, and hopefully we can get it replealed and back in congress to get rid of the problems in it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that does seem insane. I sell everything the kids have outgrown on ebay! It would be a bit of a sickener if I couldn't any more, but we have different laws in the UK.

Dahlia said... is where I found that info, and you can read the full text there as well.

Kristi said...

I have all that information, and the complete list of who voted for it as well, saved in my bookmarks. Democrat or Republican, I really could care less. It is wrong on so many levels for so many different kinds of people. And my political views, while mostly liberal Democratic, I am firm in whatever I feel is right before I associate it with a party affiliation. Naturally it wasn't thought through because Bush is no man to put thought into anything besides the betterment of his wallet.

Dahlia said...

My guess is most of the congressmen/women and the president only saw the part about toy safety. I would best a vast majority of those who voted it into law never read it and had no idea of the implications. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know I filled out the email to congress! Hope it works and you can keep open, I love the stuff even though I don't have much, and refer people to you all the time!