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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Headed to Loma Linda!

This won't be the typical in depth and descriptive blog entry... lol.

We got word this afternoon that our insurance approved a visit for this Thursday and we are leaving Wednesday afternoon for California! We will stay in Riverside (thanks Priceline for your killer NYOP deals) and have an appointment Thursday morning for Gabriella. Neuro documents approving her for transplant have been sent to Loma Linda (not without a days worth of fighting to get them sent today) and everything is in line! They will do some bloodwork and a general evaluation of her status and get her on the list within 24hours of our visit!

I am ecstatic! This stage of chaos I've been dealing with this week to get this pulled together is definitely going to pay off when everything is in line and we come home to WAIT!

For those interested in the 'list' procedures.... They basically put Gabriella's stats into a national database, UNOS- United Network for Organ Sharing. She isn't listed as "Number 34" or whatever number she would be. Rather, they have all the candidates in there with all their stats, and when a donor heart becomes available, they plug in the donor heart stats and a list is THEN generated for that specific heart offers compatibility. Of course, part of the stats they enter for candidates is level, and Gabriella being a non-urgent level (praise God), she would not get the heart before a child on life support. It is a gamble every time they get a donor heart.

On that note, imagine if more people were donors. The wait would be shorter, the list would move faster and more people would survive instead of dying while waiting. If you were to die today, wouldn't you want to help someone who has a chance at living? That choice a parent will make for their child come time for Gabriella's new sparkly heart will be what saves her life, and a gift more valuable and precious than any other. PLEASE consider officially signing up to be a donor here:


Corey~living and loving said...

I'm praying for Gabriella every single day. ♥

The Simmons Family said...

I am so very HAPPY for you!! I hope that you can sneak in a little California FUN time while you're there this week!!!

Good Luck and keep us posted!

Dahlia said...

Hoping a heart comes for her soon. I can't be a donor due to my cancer history, sucks!

Grace said...

you are continually in our prayers!!