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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Newest on little Kate, Warriors Needed!

Gabriella is about to begin the journey to her new heart... A heart that brings hope and healing. As many have said, it is exchanging one set of problems for another, but sometimes the new problems carry a bit more hope than the old ones. No more fears and risks of strokes that can debilitate her, sudden cardiac death that will take her from us, destruction to her lungs that will cause greater problems, etc. But we will be adding medications that will take a toll on other organs, risks of infections, and countless other inconveniences... but will keep her alive and emotionally intact. Can you see how the new set of problems is more manageable?

We have such a heart for Kate McRae, whom I have previously mentioned on our blog. Gabriella is practically best friends with her, and they have yet to meet. Even with Gabriella's struggling words, she prays at night "No more ow's me, no more ow's Pay (Kate)"........ Kate is now 6 years old, battling an extremely rare and dangerous brain tumor. If you haven't been following Kate, she has been through brain surgery, 5 rounds of chemo, consults with doctors around the country, and endless scans and testing- just since July 2009. Kate's most recent scan showed that the aggressive study she was participating in did not completely remove the tumor. Her parents were faced with a choice, whether to operate on the tumor which would be a tremendous risk to Kate, or to continue on with radiation and a stem cell transplant to try and beat the remainder tumor. Of course, the other option I'm sure they were given but didn't talk about much was the option to do nothing and let her enjoy life.... the same option we were given mid-May 2009 regarding Gabriella's heart. How does a parent choose what is best for their child? How do you know what the right path is for this human you are completely responsible for? You have faith... which is EXACTLY what Aaron and Holly, her parents, have relied on in whole.

Kare was admitted yesterday for her 6th round of treatment. She will be in the hospital in a private room for up to 6 weeks, and will receive a stem cell transplant. What they will do is completely bottom out her system, and flood it with healthy stem cells harvested months ago. How amazing God has given us the ability and technology to do such a treatment!

Please be in prayer and spread the word about Kate. Just as Gabriella's heart transplant will be a glimmer of hope, I am praying the same for Kate and this stem cell transplant.

Her website for journal updates is and there is a twitter account that will alert of new journal entries at Post a link to this blog entry on your blog or Facebook or Twitter, email the link to your friends, and pray.

And thank you, Brian Wurzell, for the amazing recent picture of Kate and push for a virtual blitz!


Unknown said...

Thank you for introducing me to sweet Kate. I'm off to visit her site now. She's precious.

cici said...

Bless her little heart. Any friend of Gabriella's is a friend of mine. :)
I am praying for miracles for both these sweethearts.
Thank you for letting us know.