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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Extra goodies...

So this is unrelated to Gabriella or her heart, but I thought it was somewhat relevant to us as a family! I am trying everything I can to make side money in light of our financial struggles due to the past couple years with Gabriella. I've been selling things on my fabric destash website on Etsy, sewing so I can start selling again on MaggieMoo Designs, using eBates or Shop at Home to get cash back on online orders, using and Groupon for things and doing side stuff for friends or family, etc.

I got started on Swagbucks by a friend of mine who made $150 in Amazon gift cards. You use them as your internet search engine to search or just visit your daily sites (it randomly awards you bucks for your search), take surveys and polls, take advantage of free special offers and earn points! You can set the SwagBucks search page as your home screen and even add the plug in so on your address bar it automatically uses SwagBucks to search. I have been using it 8 days and already have a $5 Amazon gift card! If I kept at that pace, thats $225 in Amazon cards I can earn in just ONE YEAR!

So obviously, I get referral credit... and if you wanna try it out, please sign up under me! My referral link is: I appreciate you taking the time to deal with my unnecessary blog entry!

(The links to programs above are my referral links as well if you want to sign up!)

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