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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pronouns and Cooties

The last few weeks have been uneventful in terms of cardiology. This is a GOOD thing people! We are all 4 flu-shotted up, which we have learned that beyond all of the differing opinions among parents, it is a social responsibility that would potentially save our daughter from unnecessary illness. We will take any measure needed to lessen her chances of being hospitalized, and the flu shot is just one little step we can take! Gabriella's med levels are all perfect which seemed pretty easy after switching from her every 8 hour meds to every 12!

PJ's ECHO came back as having the prominent aorta that was previously mentioned. Dr. Alhadheri doesn't seem to be very concerned, said it was not related to any other heart conditions. They will continue to watch it and he should "grow into it". WHEW! We did however discover PJ has a severe fish allergy! We were referred to a allergist because of his food reactions he occasionally had. The test showed he is growing out of his nut allergy but he tested very strong for FISH! Not shellfish, just regular fish. She we went for bloodwork to see if we can narrow in on his allergies and better prepare for any others he might have.

Here he was immediately after they did the pokers:
From October 2010

Speech has been going great. Gabriella's learning ability has dramatically improved because of her good, healthy bloodflow to her brain. She is retaining information and acknowledging when she does not say something right. She is showing much less Apraxia style issues... thank goodness! We are having one heckuva time learning numbers but this is just residual effects from the stroke. We are focusing hard on pronouns and proper sentence structure, both areas she needs to work on strongly. But in all honestly, having more specialized areas to work on in speech is SO much better than training her how to make a sound or simple word. I'll take it. I am SO proud of her!

PJ decided to somehow pick up a cootie bug last week. As 'homebound' as we are, we still go to doctors and family functions. Doctors we cannot avoid and family functions we try to not avoid, just proceed with caution. Thankfully Gabriella is very responsible with her cleanliness and keeping germs away. PJ, well, he's 3. There were a couple times last week he did something that made me cringe, like play at the pediatrician or touch anything in sight! When he started showing signs of being sick, Paul and him took refuge in the bedroom while Gabriella and I stayed far away. It was killer for me as a mom to not be right with PJ, but if I was exposed, Gabriella was exposed. SOMEONE had to make her meals, give her meds and get her to docs, and I couldn't do all of that if I was exposing myself to PJ's cootie. He ran high fevers, had belly issues and just felt crummy but he planned it right. He was sick from Saturday morning to Sunday night, just enough time for Paul to be home all weekend! By Monday morning he was a new kid, and I was a bottle less of Lysol in the house. One successful illness DOWN!

So that is whats been going on with us. Hey, next time you notice me not blogging.... send me an email or message and 'smack' me. :)

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