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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

From Christmas with Us

Christmas is always very busy for us. We try and do as many activities as possible in the weeks leading to Christmas, but this year was just not as successful as years past!

We did manage to make it to Santa's mailbox at Macy's and drop our letters to Santa! Every letter sent equals a $1 donation to Make a Wish, and we will always do anything possible to support them!!!

From December

From December

From December

From December

On Christmas eve, we used the day to not just bake and prepare for the festivities, but to also spend some time together at the movies! We haven't seen a movie together, the 4 of us, since March when Alice in Wonderland came out. We saw TRON and LOVED it!!! A Must see in the theater!!!!
From December

How cute is my little man?
From December

After the movie, we went home where I somehow was able to bake brownies, cookies, make pasta salad and prepare for church. We attended service at Cornerstone Christian and it was absolutely fantastic! Brian and Ryan knocked it out for worship and Pastor Linn yet again gave us another amazing visual demonstration on Christian living. Christmas eve we always spend with Paul's family, so after church headed out. Keep in mind, I was 2 days post oral-surgery so I was hating life as I stood in a kitchen of sweets, menudo, tamales, ham, and sides galore. I managed to mush up some masa from a tamale and suck on a brownie.... good times! We had a 38 person white elephant which marks as our biggest yet, and LONGEST! The kids ripped into presents at around 11p, and let me tell you there was no shortage of gifts for the little ones! We must stop multiplying in the Vega family or we will have to rent our a venue for Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day we woke up and did presents from us and Santa. It was a skinny Christmas, but we individually wrapped every little item to give them stuff to rip into! We managed to find PJ an amazing deal on a new bike, which was a total hit! Thankfully Gabriella's BIG want was the Tangled rag doll which was low in price. We were blessed to see that despite the struggle it took to get them presents, they loved them all just as much as they would have if we spent $1000! We know it is not about the presents, and we teach the kids that. They know we are celebrating because of Jesus's birthday... but you have to be realistic. They are little and presents are exciting and magical and while they are not what it is about, there is something spiritual in the giving and receiving process of it all.

We headed out to my sisters in the afternoon for snacks and presents. The kids were yet again spoiled by my family as well! The best thing was how grateful they were for every little thing. The smiles and excitement was prime. Having a 6 and 3 year old is absolutely perfect for the spirit of Christmas!

Here is the album of Christmas pictures with our families. Notice the plethora of Disney items... I am sure you are no surprised. :)

And the album of our Christmas with our little 4some! Some great shots of the kids excitement!!!!

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laura said...

their smiles in every picture, with every present, shine with the meaning & joy of christmas. i LOVE it! (i also love how pj is literally a mini paul in the pics from the movies! hat and all. adorable)