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Monday, March 12, 2012

Just another day...

It's been almost a month since we discovered Gabriellas rejection on her annual biopsy. We are still on her steroid regimen, weaned down now to the lowest dose she will be on for a few more weeks. We have endured the moods, the appetite, the emotions, the energy and everything else associated with taking such a big steroid dose... and thankfully through it all her precious angel heart is still sparkling! We will return to clinic this Thursday for another ECHO and EKG (2 weeks from her last one), but I am not expecting to hear anything other than good news from it. After the beginning of April, Gabriella will have another biopsy to see how her heart tissue reacted to the steroids.

PJ got tubes in his ears a couple of weeks ago and it was the best thing ever! He instantly could hear better, his speech is improving again (it was beginning to decline) and he is sleeping much better too!

Otherwise, things have been good! Despite everything, Gabriella has been doing great in school and continuing dance class. We continue to stay super busy with day to day life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! We are going to enjoy this week of spring break while the weather is still being kind in the desert, and praise God for every day He gives us!!!

Here are some recent photos since it has been a while. :)

Too cool for transplant clinic


My loves after church

Could I be any more blessed? I think not.

An afternoon at the Arizona Center
My #1 guy... I love spending my days with him!

You say "I don't know how you do it".... this is why.

This one is for you, Abbie! 

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SortaCrunchy Megan said...

Just GORGEOUS. SHE is so super sparkly. I am so glad to hear things are looking good on the rejection front.

Thanks for keeping us updated - and I LOVE the pics! XOXOXO