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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ice in My Washing Machine

This complaint needs it's own blog post. I know, I know, living here is within my control. Why I stay, who knows? Probably because I love all my family so damn much I won't willingly leave.

Anyways, it is so freaking hot. We have had like Out here in the country our water source is above water where the sun is in direct contact with the metal housing from sun up to sun down. Whoever invented this brilliant contraption deserves to be on list of the worlds top morons. Anyways, we don't get cold tap water. pretty much from May until October, our water comes out of the faucet at beyond lukewarm. Where does this lead? Well, being a girl I have a few articles of clothing that deserve to be washed on cold, delicate. How do we resolve this problem? Throw a couple cupfuls of ice cubes into the wash and rinse cycles.

And on that note, we are under yet another 'Excessive Heat Warning'. Shouldn't the months of June, July and August be one standing 'Excessive Heat Warning'? Like 95% of our days over 100 have been over 110! Can you BELIEVE that??? This royally crushes any outdoor plans we may have for 4th of July.

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