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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Clowns Went to the Circus

We took the kids and my mom to the circus on Sunday!

It was really fun! I had sent a text to my mom that morning and told her we were going, and she replied telling me that she wishes she had known we were going, and that she would love to go with us next year. She also told me it was on of the things on her 'Bucket List' to do. How in the world could I still go without her?! I don't know where we will be next year, and how could we let moments like this pass by? So I called Ticketmaster and had them locate a close ticket to ours. We got the row behind us, just 2 seats over! So I got her a ticket. She pretended to be mad at me for doing all that, but it meant too much to me not to.

Hubby and BabyBoy at our late lunch before the Circus:

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Glad you're blogging!