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Friday, June 27, 2008

I Hate Those Nights....

Oh man, how I HATE those nights.

Last night, I left work at my usual 5pm with an hour commute home. Hubby is already home, or just getting there with the kids by that point, and they are normally so worn out from getting their $150/wk worth of play in that they are asleep by the time he gets them home. He laid them both down in their beds when he got home, so I ran by the store to pick up some groceries on my way. I was home 45 minutes later than usual, whipped up a quick dinner, and watched the clock tick by. It got to be 830p and they were still sleeping! We decided to wake up BabyGirl so she could eat a bit and put on her pull-up for bedtime (wouldn’t want to have to wash her sheets AGAIN this week!). She stayed awake and ate something and was back in bed by 915p. BabyBoy never woke up. That means I went the entire day without seeing my son. Now, tell me I am doing what I have to do for my family by working full-freaking-time out of the home. Bullshit. No mother should ever have to go an entire day without seeing her children. And as much as I wanted to wake him up, I knew our time would be cranky and difficult, so I let my little man sleep. It’s unfair. And hopefully, this will end soon.

I decided in my depressed state to sew a little. I wish I was a stress-sewer like I am a stress-eater. I would surely have a ton more done and be 80 pounds lighter. I got a couple things done. But not caught up yet. It is my goal for the end of the month to finish the quilt I made for my nieces birthday in April. BAD auntie.

This weekend we are going to an event that Hubby’s work is sending us to. I think they are testing him and his dedication by asking him to do the most random things. I am just sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear where they will be sending him for training.

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Mary Ann said...

I didn't know you were blogging! Yay! Anyway, I am so sorry about your horrible day of not seeing the kids. My heart hurts for you. I guess the time you do get to spend with them is that much more precious. Hang in there!