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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Wonderful Wednesday!

It. Is. Hot. I don't really know how I have survived 9 summers, now on my 10th, here in Arizona. It is impossible to even go out and run errands because the sun slowly scorches your skin away! And it takes 1.5 seconds for the car to loose ALL air conditioning built up inside! 112.5 degrees when I just checked, at 330pm. Nice..... where are you monsoons???

This week has been uneventful really..... work and come home Monday and Tuesday. Same ole same ole.

Anyways, BabyBoy had his 9m appointment today (at 9m and 17d). DoctorJ said he was perfection exemplified! He is right on on all his development, growth and cuteness! 20lbs 3oz and just at 29¼" tall. Only 11 more inches and he can rise some rides at Disney. (hehehe) I'm a little concerned about his eating though! By 10.5 months, BabyGirl was on ALL table food. BabyBoy is in no way ready to be there in a month! Don't compare them. Don't compare them. I need to remind myself of that. He DID crawl and pull up earlier than her. I decided if we moved, I would keep DoctorJ as the kids doctor. I love him too much.

Afterwards, we went to MommaL's house. That was so nice. I never get to go over there anymore, for reasons that are entirely too complicated for this blog. I miss being at home at my mom's house, though. After that, we went to Ross after that to return the 2 purses for $90 bucks back. Thank goodness too, because money is past tight right now with our recent purchases, and that is going to buy us groceries!

I'm waiting now on my sister to come by, and then I'm running to a customers house to let her pick out a nursing cover. Thanks for the referral sis. She is coming by to hang out tonight. I miss our Wednesdays. And this will probably be the last one for a while, again.


Just within minutes of posting this, I heard a loud noise outside. Turns out wind was knocking things into my house! By the time I got Chico inside, it started pouring! Ask and you shall receive!

Here is proof:

Listen for the thunder:

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