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Friday, November 7, 2008

NaBloPoMo day #7

I haven't missed a day yet! Shocking, I know!

I am predicting Besties baby might be making her appearance tomorrow, Nov 8. I know she is so ready and is willing to do anything short of cutting her out herself before Twilight comes to theaters!

I never found a petticoat, so a combination of a black slip, tulle and a sewing machine and I will be making my own just hours before I need to wear it. I will leave it to where I can sew to it a skirt I've been dying to make for a while now. Nothing like being forced into a project! 9months of sewing for MMD and I have made LittleMan 1 set of burps, a bib and a quilt, and some leg warmers for them both. My poor kids!

LittleMan is sick. Blek. And so am I. Mine is merely allergies at this point, but that is how he started out. Hubby and I just got over nasty stomach bugs, now all this! LittleMan is coughing up a storm, probably from the drainage into his chest. He is still in good spirits though! It takes starvation or exhaustion to crush that boys loving and jovial spirit!

Although my love for Goodmama fitted diapers is strong, I am having an affair on them with MuttaQin baby. I sold off 2 goodmama's that I don't reach for, have 2 more Piddle Poddles up for sale right now, and bought 4 Mutt's. It started with one, Mickey Mouse (oh, SHOCKER, right?) and I had to go grab more. I got one with surfboards, one with robots and one with skulls (ANOTHER shocker!). They are super cute, trim and work wonderfully under clothes. I was having problems with a few of the jeans I put on LittleMan and the goodmama's being a bit too bulky. Either his jeans are skinny jeans or his diaper was just too much.

Since I'm talking about shopping, I have to mention the amazing deal I got yesterday! My mom called with an urgent message that Torrid's clothes were an additional 50% in clearance! So, naturally, my quick clicking finger goes there to start shopping. A pair of jeans, a dress, Obama t-shirt, 4 pairs of socks and footless tights later, a $162 value, I checked out spending $56.43. The jeans alone were worth almost that! I'm DEFINITELY going to have to stop loosing weight at a size 12-14. I don't think I can bear not buying clothes from Torrid! LOL.

Thanks for allowing me to bore you. ;)

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