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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Silent Auction

Last night we went to the Boys & Girls Club Silent Auction and Benefit dinner, and wow was it fun!!! I have been to some formal banquets or dinners, but nothing like this! We met up with 2 other Supervisors from Hubby's work at one of their houses. The limo came at about 5p to pick us up and take us to the resort. We had wine and talked on the way- very nice to interact with adults! When we got to the resort, we checked in for the silent auction and proceeded to the ballroom where the items were set up. There was probably 500 items up for silent auction! We bid on a few random things for the kids, a few pieces of signed artwork and drank our share of free alcohol. They had the 2 cutest Shih Tzu's up for auction that I seriously could have ran out the door with!

At 7p we headed into the main ballroom for the dinner, which was amazing! More free wine, salad, filet mignon, halibut, potatoes and some spicy slaw thing. The dessert was nothing to leave out either! Some of the 'Club Kids' performed an amazing hip-hop routine you can tell they worked so hard to put together. They live auctioned off 20 large items like trips to Rome and pools. I have never felt more poor in my life! People dropping $20k on trips! WOW!

After the dinner, and the announcement that in one night they raised over $440k, we checked in on our winnings, and won something! We walked away with a HUGE poster sized framed collage of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus pictures, autographed by Miley herself! This will make an awesome Christmas gift for my spoiled daughter! We loaded up the limo and went to the casino for a bit to blow hard earned and much needed money, but had fun doing it. Makes me realize how bad I want to go to Vegas!

It was an awesome night! Great to go get all glammed up and spend a night with adults! And we hung out with some truly awesome people. It was nice to be able to meet the manager of the company my hubby works for, and recognize the appreciation they have for him!

And of course, who am I to post this without pics?!

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