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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tomorrow is the day.....

We went on Tuesday and had the 2nd echo cardiogram done. The doctor was supposed to call me Wednesday with the results, and naturally he waited until after 4pm to call. It was treacherous waiting, let me tell you.

When he did call, he said the results were comparable to last month. That was enough confirmation for me that we did every test we could non-invasive prior to doing this catheter Friday. He said there was still no explanation for the enlargement and that there was mild leakage from the valves. I am hoping to have a better understanding tomorrow as to what that means.

I have been asked a few times what is wrong with her and what tomorrow will entail. Really, we don't know whats wrong with her, therefore we don't know what the future of treatment may hold. Tomorrow's hospital visit is diagnostic. She will have a Cardiac Cath and Transesophageal Echocardiogram. At 7am we will check in and 9am her procedure will start. It takes approximately 2 hours to do. She will be put completely under, and stay in the hospital for a majority of the day for recovery. We should hopefully have some preliminary results, hopefully giving us a general answer as to what is going on with my seemingly healthy and symptom-free girl. A full workup of results will come in a few days.

We told her last night this was going to be happening. Of course, we turned it into a story a 4 year old could understand. We told her her heart was precious and the doctor wanted to make sure it was working perfect. We told her she would take a little nap while he looked at it, and ALL her family would be there with her. She was OK, then asked if she would have to get a shot. Since I won't lie to my daughter, I had to tell her she was. She started panicking and crying, so we agreed we would tell the Doctor that she didn't want a shot. I figure at this point, they can prepare her for the blood work and IV. Hopefully, they give her that pink medicine to calm her like they did for her root canal and crown and she won't even realize it all.

I wholeheartedly trust the doctor performing the procedure. He is a very busy pediatric cardiac surgeon, yet never rushes me on the phone when I have the most ridiculous questions. I haven't met him in person yet, but already know he will take the best care possible of my baby while she is in his hands.

For the record, it is not as much about the procedure tomorrow that has me so freaked out. Although the idea of the anesthesia, invasion into her heart, and the pain she will be in after are concepts I can hardly think of without waves of panic... it is more about the results for me. This is just the question. The answer comes later. What comes next? How do we fix whatever it is that is wrong? Will she be on medication? Will she need surgery? Will she be given a standing order for the rest of her life to take it easy, putting a road block around the ability to play sports or even run the playground with vigor as only a kid can do?

Please pray for the results. The key problems with her are unexplained enlargement of her left atrium and mild leakage of her valves.
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