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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on BabyGirl...

Time flies by me before I realize I haven't updated. Life has gotten to be so busy, I neglect my poor blog!

My mommy instinct kicked in a couple weeks ago regarding this cardiac catheter. It is just me to question everything. I always have, and always will. I decided to call the cardiologist and talk to them about the absolute necessity of this. This procedure is the 'best way' to get a look at the cause of BabyGirl's big heart, which I completely understand. My problem lays in the fact that they are doing this procedure (safe and routine, yet invasive) based on the results of one scan. I questioned the doctor as to possible causes for this. Fluke? Virus? Activity? Etc? In my eyes- as much as something could be wrong, it is equally as possible for nothing to be wrong. I asked him if it were unreasonable to request another echo before we went on with Friday's procedure and he supported me 100%.

We go today for a second echo. Although the half hour of her having to lay completely still is hard, it is not even close to being as hard as prepping BabyGirl for this procedure and the 3-4 days post procedure will be. If the results show no change from last month, I will go to the hospital with confidence we are doing the right thing but reassured that we responsibly checked. But if there is any improvement, or God bless it- it is resolved, I will know that I did the right thing by having it looked at again.

My God protects, heals and loves. I know if He hasn't healed her for whatever reason, He will protect her, because He loves her and she was His to start.
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