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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Echo, Echo

BOTH of the kiddos had echos yesterday... Gabriella's was to check the status of her condition (we go every 2-4 weeks) and PJ's was to rule out any genetic possibility thus far. Praise the heavens for my mother-in-law, who went with me and helped me with the kiddos. They did both echos at once, and as common sense shows us, it would have been impossible to be in both rooms at the same time!

Cutting to the chase, PJ's echo came back totally normal. Seeing as how I have learned so much about the heart and images from an Echo, I knew immediately there was no enlargement, no aortic valve issues, no irregularities. The doctor later confirmed that too, and I seriously felt a sigh of relief! We go back in 2 years to check him again and then every 5 years thereafter.

Gabriella's echo showed stable. Everything is comparable to the one we did 2 weeks ago, with a slightly higher pressure in that enlarged atrium. We scheduled another one 4 weeks from now, but I am hoping there is progress with the transplant list enough that we will be travelling to see doctors by that point.

That's enough of my news. I wanted to take a second and thank God in heaven for showing his healing powers. My friend Heather had her son Landry in October last year. When he was 5 days old, he was already seeing a cardiologist (the same as Gabriellas) for a strong murmur and symptoms he had shown in his beginning days. Over the past 8 months, they have been monitoring the 3 holes in his heart, watching for anything to happen. As of their appointment yesterday, 2 of the 3 holes are closed and the 3rd is tiny! God is awesome.

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