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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Waiting sucks.

I finally got a call from the nurse at Stanford/ Lucille Packard yesterday. No amazing news to post, but the doctor will be back mid-next week and review her file then. We agreed it was best to not give the file to another doctor since this doc was already familiar with her case, and waiting on his vacation was best. He will either decide he wants to see her for further review OR decide he can't do anything to repair the defect, and we will go to Loma Linda and get her on the transplant list. I am at my seats edge to get his opinion and get something rolling, because as more symptoms arise it terrifies me to think of waiting and risking something severe happening.

So many people have asked us when we are moving or where we are at. Unfortunately we are in the same exact position as we were May 14 after the triage nurse appointment. All these 'opinions' are necessary for my insurance, but a pain in the butt to wait and depend on so many other people. He case and condition are so rare that everyone wants to give their inputs.

On a more positive note, Gabriella is going to attend VBS this week! Her Aunt Kara is working VBS for their church, and she will be going along! I am so excited, because it is these kinds of things she won't be able to do for a while after her transplant.

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