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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Pea Swank

Shameless plug for my bestie! ;)

My best friend April has decided to venture out into the world of crafting and open an Etsy shop selling bows and other swanky items for little and big girls! I couldn't be more proud of her excitement in getting this running!!

I urge you to visit her online shop: and see what she has going so far! She will be adding new bows and designs consistently, as well as new product lines!

And be on the prowl, because she is working on a very special design dedicated especially to Gabriella! Everyone needs a Gabriella bow, right?!

I am already the proud owner of 4 SPS bows and I wear one every day!

Feel free to 'Request a Custom Item' on the right column of her shop (you have to set up an Etsy account, but its free!) or email her at for any specific styles or colors you might want!

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