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Monday, July 13, 2009


I just got the call with all Gabriella's initial testing orders. We need to go this week for one of 2 large blood draws. Since she is so little, it needs to be spread out, due to the amount they need to take. I am supposed to hydrate her heavily for a few days (won't be hard) prior to the draw, and they even called in a numbing cream for her arm so it won't be painful. Hopefully a few blood draws using the numbing cream and she will overcome the mental fear of it, too! One of the blood draws goes directly to Loma Linda and takes weeks to get back, so that will be the first one.

We are waiting on the scheduling nurse to call back with a day to have a Kidney Ultrasound, MRI and Chest X-ray. We are going to do them all in one day at Phoenix Childrens, so it will be a long day, but I am grateful to cram it all in at once. She said we'd have it done within a couple weeks.

After all this testing, we will head to Loma Linda for a week long trip. Meeting docs, tours, information, etc. I am sure they will do their own echo and EKG, also.

SO thats it, in a nutshell!! Thanks for the continued prayers!!!!!!!!!!!
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